A five-year Shanghai’s city government plan calls for wide-ranging imporvemnts in logistics

The Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission finalized the program in October and released details Nov. 2.
Under the initiative, Shanghai will further promote the city’s participation in the central government’s Belt and Road push for more overseas trade, as well as an effort to encourage inland city industrial growth, especially along the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

The city wants more storage facilities and equipment standardization for the handling of agricultural goods, food, pharmaceuticals and hazardous chemicals. It also plans to encourage multimodal facilities and consistency in logistics transportation systems. The plan emphasizes the need to promote “green” business operations, such as the use of LNG-powered vehicles and waste recycling.

To support logistics businesses, the program calls for offering tax support for certain business activities and promoting government-private investor financing for the construction of new warehouses and other infrastructure through so-called public-private partnerships.

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