APM Terminals to Offer VGM Weighing at Select Ports

APM Terminals has announced that it will begin providing VGM weighing services at 29 of its container terminals, a measure intended to ease the transition to the new Verified Gross Mass requirement taking effect July 1:

In addition, national implementation varies: Hong Kong’s MARDEP requires a weighing accuracy of +/- 5%, whereas the U.S. Coast Guard has stated that weights obtained with equipment used for satisfying other domestic regulations will be sufficient for VGM purposes, without specifying a tolerance. The Coast Guard further allows the shipper to use the carrier-provided tare weight for the container.

APM warns that "export containers which arrive at APM Terminal facilities without a valid VGM will be generally accepted, but as they are ineligible to load on a vessel, may be segregated and subject to additional re-handling and storage requirements."

APM's facilities at Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, Port Elizabeth and Tacoma were not mentioned in the announcement.