Beer Barge Trials Drop-In Biofuel

Heineken Netherlands, Nedcargo and GoodFuels have demonstrated a sustainable drop-in marine fuel on board the For Ever – an inland barge dedicated to transport Heineken export beer. The fuel supplied by GoodFuels contains 30 percent biofuel which reduces CO2-emissions by more than 25 percent, as well as significantly reducing NOx and particulate matter emissions.

Late last year, Boskalis and GoodFuels announced the success of live tests on a sustainable wood-based drop-in biofuel called UPM BioVerno. The fuel supplied by Finnish UPM Biofuels was the first ever biofuel derived from wood residue used in a marine fleet.

Sustainable marine biofuels offer ship operators a way to reduce a vessel’s CO2 emissions by 80-90 percent, says GoodFuels. They eliminate SOx emissions, cut NOx emissions by up to 10 percent and reduce particulate matter by 50 percent.