China and Vietnam close to landmark deal on streamlined joint border checkpoint

A “two countries, one inspection” system to open joint border checkpoints between China and Vietnam could be realised as early as May. The first checkpoint, in Fanchenggang, is expected to be on the Dongxing-Móng Cái bridge, opened in Sep 2017. The second will be at the Youyi Guan/Friendship Pass in Pingxiang, is to connect with Dong Dang in Lang Son province.

ASEAN members are the 3rd-largest trading partner and Vietnam was China’s largest export destination among ASEAN countries last year. Le Hong Hiep at Singapore’s ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute said that the plan would increase the transparency of customs operations, helping it to combat cross-border corruption for Vietnam.

As most of Vietnam’s border exports to China are agricultural products, a speedier system will help both growers and distribution companies get their goods to end users quicker.