HMM aims for full blockchain adoption by year-end

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) says that it has completed its first test voyage using blockchain from booking to container delivery, from Busan to Qingdao from Aug. 24 to Sept. 4, and says in October it will run more pilots with dry containers to India and Thailand so that the carrier can deploy it at the end of this year. It also tested Internet of Things technology to monitor and manage reefer containers in transit.

This year Maersk Line announced it had joined up with IBM for a test of the technology. PSA International, Pacific International Lines,, and the port of Antwerp have all carried out tests of blockchain, which enables users to access and update information individually while providing a constant and secure record because the information cannot be retroactively altered. So, for example, a bill of lading could not be secretly manipulated during the shipping process, because the original is always visible.

HMM’s success comes after a UK logistics software provider used blockchain to share container weight information to allow compliance with IMO container weight regulations. That software will be released in the coming weeks, after a pilot period as the subject of a white paper by a University of Copenhagen information technology professor, and the Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration in Copenhagen.