Total Starts Production at Converted Biorefinery

Total has started up production at the La Mède biorefinery in south-eastern France, with the transition costing €275 million ($310 million).

La Mède will produce both biodiesel and biojet fuel for the aviation industry, it can produce 500,000 tonnes of hydrotreated vegetable oil. Its biofuel feedstock will be 60 to 70% from 100% sustainable vegetable oils (rapeseed, palm, sunflower, etc.) and 30 to 40% from treated waste (animal fats, cooking oil, residues, etc.). All the oils processed will be certified sustainable to EU standards.

Total is also working to develop 2nd-generation biofuels to supplement the 1st-generation biofuels currently used and is examining different biomass conversion pathways such as thermochemical, biotechnology and algae.