Africa's Legal Wildlife Trade Includes Endangered Species

More than 1.3 million live animals and plants, 1.5 million skins and 2,000 tons of meat have been exported from Africa since 2006. Exports included 975 different taxa listed under either the CITES Appendix I (most endangered) or Appendix II (not necessarily threatened with extinction but may become so unless trade is closely controlled), according to the NGO TRAFFIC.
The report highlighted legal trade trends, the diversity of species and countries involved and new patterns emerging.

Among the report’s findings are that:
• More than 50 tons of Common Hippopotamus teeth were exported from Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi, mostly to Hong Kong.
• Japan was the largest importer of live amphibians and arachnids.
• Singapore imported the most live birds.
• Hong Kong dominated live reptile imports, most of which were Leopard Tortoises and Ball Pythons.
• Korea was the largest importer of European Eels, followed by Hong Kong.