Belt and Road Initiative to boost production capacity of Wuhan Yangluo Port

Wuhan Yangluo Port has expressed that its production capacity will hit 500,000 TEUs in 2017. Located in 180,000-square meter land area, Yangluo is the largest wharf of Wuhan New Port which has a total area of 13,745 square kilometer, extending 862 km in length along the Yangtze River and 113 km along the Hanjing River.

Wuhan New Port (WNP), established in 2008, covers 30 zones in five cities of Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou, Xianning and Huangshi with an ambitious target of increasing its handling capacity to 500 million tons a year by 2025. Last year, Yangluo Port loaded and downloaded 415,000 TEUs or 5,000 higher compared to 2015’s figure.

At present, the vessels with berthing capacity of 4,000 tons are using Yangtze river to transport cargoes from WNP to Shanghai Yangshan Harbor where the containers are transferred to international ocean liners. Ships with berthing capacity of more than 10,000 tons can use WNP once the waterway dredging project along Yangtze river is completed by 2020.

(Container News)