Big data professionals needed, shipping leaders warn

A survey by Sea Asia found 63 per cent of industry leaders believed that lack of access to big data was “holding back their ability to utilise it”. Some in Hong Kong’s shipping industry put the blame squarely on a lack of qualified people to sift through the data and find ways of implementing its results.

A spokesman for shipper Wah Kwong agreed the firm was “lacking skills for big data analytics”. OOCL said it had been collecting data from over 7,000 vessels, route patterns, sailing schedules and shipment milestones which then analysed for monitoring, predictive capabilities and prevention and timely recovery. HIT combs through data it has collected to create “smart shipping” solutions, such as real-time radio-frequency identification tracking, predictive maintenance strategies and real time communication with those along the supply chain.

The Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board, set up to coordinate with and help the industry, has not focused on the big data issue, but it is a “subject to be considered”, according to a spokesman.