Coalition Answers More Container Weighing Questions

World Shipping Council, the TT Club, the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association and the Global Shippers’ Forum have jointly released a second Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to support the smooth implementation of the container weighing regulations on July 1, 2016.


The FAQs are in 3 sections and are available at:

Section A General 40 Q&A
Section B Method 1 9 Q&A
Section C Method 2 15 Q&A
Some selected Qs from each section are highlight as follows.

Q: Is the terminal operator required to obtain the VGM directly from the shipper, or can the carrier transmit the VGM to the terminal operator after the carrier receives it from the shipper?

Q: If goods are put onto a feeder ship from, for example, Grangemouth (UK) that proceeds to Rotterdam (Netherlands), will verified gross mass have to be established in Grangemouth or Rotterdam or both places?

Q: Will VGM need to be entered on the face of the bill of lading?

Q: Where a container is consolidated with cargo from more than one shipper, which entity is responsible to obtain and communicate VGM?

Q: As a consolidator, there are frequently multiple entities placing cargo in the same container; who is responsible for VGM?