DP World Rolls Out VGM Weighing Service Worldwide

DP World has announced that it will make comprehensive weighing solutions available – for a fee – at all of its locations worldwide, except where prohibited by local regulation. Over the last week it has made separate announcements suggesting it would provide VGM weighing services at its facilities in British Columbia, the Dominican Republic, and the U.K. The cost at these locations will vary, from $25 in the U.K. to about $200 in British Columbia. Shippers will have the option of providing their own VGM weight to the terminals for a nominal charge.

Some American ports – including Oakland, Long Beach, and Los Angeles – have announced that they will not be creating a unified policy on VGM, and will leave the decision up to individual terminal operators to create their own policies. Earlier this month, the business association for the 13 terminal operators at Los Angeles and Long Beach said that their terminals lacked infrastructure to supply VGM weighing services, and each terminal would decide whether to refuse entry to unweighed containers.

Maher Terminals at the Port of NY&NJ has already said that when VGM requirements go into effect, it will begin turning away unweighed boxes. Terminals are concerned that if non-compliant containers are allowed inside, it will create problems with traffic and storage, demanding time-consuming special handling – and that investments in weighing equipment will not be possible to recoup through fees.