Dutch Shipowner Orders Electric Inland Barges battery

Dutch electrical firm Werkina, Lloyd's Register, Asto Shipyard and inland barge operator Port-Liner are working on Europe's first electrically powered inland container barges with containerized battery packs for power, either be recharged or exchanged at the terminal. The first 5 small ships, each carries 24 TEU and use one battery pack, will be completed this year, and six larger vessels, each carries 224 TEU with 4 battery packs, are in the works.

The larger models will carry about 8% more cargo as they will not need smaller engine room, and have features for unmanned operation.
Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI)'s battery-powered coal carrier, which began trials last year, are already in operation. The 2,000 dwt vessel can carry coal along the Pearl River at speeds of up to 7 knots.