First 49ft long swap body on the market

Germany-based Wecon has designed and manufactured the 1st batch of 10 curtainsider swap bodies for integrated logistics company Ekol, and the multimodal operator will test them on its own wagons and ro-ro ships.

The swap body has external dimensions of 14.936m x 2.55m x 3.2m (C75 rail codification). Internal measurements are 14.83m x 2.48m x 2.97m. Tare weight is around 5,800 kg and gross load is 30,000 kg, providing a payload of 24,200 kg. The units have ISO bottom fittings at 40ft, 45ft and 49ft centres for securing to chassis and rail car twistlocks.

Empties can be stacked 2-high. The roof can be lifted up to 300mm on all four sides. The load security code is XL and the rail code is XL, allowing it to be run in trains up to 140 kph.