First Silk Road Train Arrives at Port of Antwerp

The freight train left Tangshan on April 26 and travelled via Alashankou through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, arrived Antwerp on May 12, covered a distance of 11,000 kms (6,800 miles).

It was loaded with 34 containers containing industrial minerals for use in paper and ceramics, toothpaste and cosmetics industries and production. They were unloaded at Euroports, which will transport them to their bulk terminal for subsequent distribution in Europe. The service is an initiative of Tangshan City & Tangshan Port, Cosco Shipping Lines and the Chinese Railways. The consignee was Cosco Shipping Belgium.

China is the 4th biggest partner country for Antwerp, with an annual traffic volume of nearly 14 million tons of goods. Tangshan is China's 9th largest port, and transport from the Tangshan region via conventional container ships on average takes over 35 days.