GZ launches China-Vietnam freight train to expand its Belt and Road markets

Guangzhou’s first China-Vietnam freight train on August 9, which now links the city with Hanoi, will travel 1,200 km over 3 days from Dalang to Pingxiang/Đồng Đăng border crossing before reaching its destination. The train operates once a week, carrying goods including market merchandises, electronic products, communication devices, and groceries, etc. It is planned to run an alternate day service by year end.

The travel time of the train from Guangzhou to Hanoi has been shortened by 7 days when compared to seaborne shipping, and is only half the cost of highway transportation.

The launch of this new train will help products made in Guangdong to be more readily exported to ASEAN countries. It will also become an important transportation channel connecting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and those countries.

(Newsgd, Wenweipo)