HK's port needs more back-up land and barge berths: HKCTOA

The Government's proposals, released in mid-2015, outlined the first phase in raising the yard to berth ratio of Kwai Tsing Container Port from 11.6 hectares to 12.4 hectares, per berth. The current yard to berth ratio is far below the international standards, the association said in a statement.

Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association (HKCTOA) Chairperson Jessie Chung, said: "Kwai Tsing Container Port has seen the rise of vessel-to-vessel transshipment volumes from 44.9% in 2005 to 58.7% in 2015 and the increase in river-based container traffic in the Pearl River Delta from 2 million TEU in 2005 to 2.8 million TEU in 2015. There is an urgent need for additional barge berths and back-up land for handling the high barge and transshipment volumes, which occupy space in the terminals for longer periods of time than truck based cargo”.

The land optimisation and other infrastructure initiatives that the industry originally proposed will enlarge the total storage area and provide for an increase in annual capacity of 3-4 million TEU, equivalent to an additional 3 or 4 new container berths.