IMC Envisages Singapore as Global Maritime Hub

The International Maritime Centre (IMC) 2030 Advisory Committee has submitted the IMC 2030 Strategic Review report to the Singapore Government, envisions for Maritime Singapore centred on strengthening existing clusters of maritime and related activities and creating new ones around Connectivity, Innovation and Talent.

The Next Generation Port (NGP) at Tuas will attract key shipping players and driving physical trade flows, Singapore should therefore continue to invest in new port capacity and future capabilities. The integrated ecosystem of Singapore’s IMC, comprising diverse industry players ranging from international shipping groups to ancillary services, and ship repair and conversion, also helps attract non-physical flows such as finance, people, data, and information.

Five key strategies focused on leveraging Singapore’s core strengths and anchoring physical and non-physical flows that will enhance the vibrancy and competitiveness:

I. Expand and deepen the maritime cluster;
II. Strengthen inter-linkages and network effects;
III. Develop a vibrant maritime innovation ecosystem and promote digitalisation;
IV. Develop a multi-skilled maritime workforce with a global mindset; and
V. Establish Singapore as a global maritime standard bearer.