LR-led research suggests biofuel may be the best option for zero-emissions shipping

In the Lloyd’s Register (LR) and the University Maritime Advisory Services (UMAS) for the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) report, it picked out hydrogen, electricity, and biofuels, suggesting that have the potential to match the demands of today’s shipping requirements.

Biofuels may be the most feasible low-cost zero-emission fuel for some shipowners and operators in a post-2030 shipping industry. The ability to use them in a similar fashion today, such as through internal combustion means that additional costs are kept low and the cost of running a ship using biofuel will likely be down to the cost of the fuel itself.

However, the sustainability of biofuels is questioned as non-food derived advanced biofuels will be required if they are to replace traditional shipping fuel. Biofuels may be needed for other energy consumers and may limit their availability.