More Hong Kong terminal collaboration urged to boost competitiveness

A new study by Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) says the deployment of larger vessels and larger alliances, combined with the historical structure of the port, is leading to a critical rise in the number of inter-terminal transfers (ITTs) in HKG, resulting in higher charges; extra handling time for shipments; and increased burden on the port’s resources and roads. This is a disadvantage because a handling charge is levied on shipping lines for each ITT, and it consumes available facilities and resources, as well as increasing emissions from the port area.

With 5 major terminal operators operating an historical ‘home berth’ practice of incoming vessels assigned to berths at terminals with which they have a contract, ITTs now comprise about 15% of Hong Kong’s total volume. SIN, SZX, and SHA do not have ITT charges. At a rate of HK$2,140 (USD272.61), HKG’s THC is already up to 50% more than those of SZX and SIN.