Over Three Tons of Pangolin Scales Seized in Vietnam

Customs office at Saigon Port seized 3.3 tons of pangolin scales illegally imported from Africa on May 3, the second such seizure within a week. The container was declared by Tan Vinh Thinh Trade to contain dried cashew nuts and was in transit to Cambodia from Nigeria. On April 27, nearly 3.8 tons of pangolin scales was seized in Cat Lai Port.

In February, over 13 tons, or about 4,000, descaled and disemboweled pangolins were discovered in a container at Taiwan's Kaohsiung’s Pier 66. Taiwan was likely only the transshipment point and it was likely the cargo was intended for China or Vietnam.

As the world’s most trafficked mammal, all eight (four Asian and four African) species of pangolins are prohibited from international trade under CITES.