Questioning utility of mega ships - more trouble than they're worth?

The drive to reduce slot costs by building ships of 18,000 TEU and above has produced more costs than savings, reports London's Loadstar.
Mr Jensen of of SeaIntelligence Consulting said at the 14,000 - 15,000-TEU range there would be more efficient networks and more frequent services with higher reliability.

Drewry's director of ports Neil Davidson said the world economy is maturing and slowing, and we are seeing a very significant change to more regionalisation, which is going to affect volumes on the long-haul routes, but also provide opportunities on shorter, intra-regional ones.

As the Chinese economy and its port volumes matures, leaving the rising 'ASEAN tigers' to pick up the slack. The biggest port opportunities now lie in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. It's growing volumes for intercontinental and is playing a bigger part in the regionalisation and the huge intra-Asia trade.

(SeaNews Turkey)