TIR Truck from Europe to China

The first successful TIR (The Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets) transport carrying 12 tonnes of automobile lubricant in challenging winter conditions, the TIR truck started its 7,400 km journey in Germany, entering Poland and travelling through Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan to Khorgos China in just 12 days without disruption or customs issues.

This does not count journey time from Germany to the Poland/Belarus border and the time from Khorgos to the destination in China. It was a joint project of the IRU and logistics companies CEVA and Alblas, marks the full activation of door-to-door TIR operations between China and Europe.

According to one industry estimate, China-Europe road transport under TIR could save transport companies up to 50% on door-to-door costs compared to air, and at least ten days delivery time compared with rail.