Tsing Ma Bridge is eight metres higher than official records

Tsing Ma Bridge is eight metres higher than official records
Jun 17 2017
According to a report by the Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association and BMT Asia-Pacific dated November 1, Tsing Ma Bridge is 8.1 metres higher than the official height of 62.1 metres – from base to road span. It means that the biggest mega container ships have been prohibited from using the channel for years unnecessarily. The biggest ships wanting to connect with Hong Kong are now 18,000 TEU and over, with a typical air draft of about 58.2 metres.

Hong Kong’s port will lose nearly 10 per cent of its throughput in 2017 if the issue is not resolved; in 2014 alone, the loss of one million TEUs (half-container equivalent units) of cargo cost the city HK$800 million and 2,000 jobs.

Marine Department imposed safety margin of nine metres when the bridge opened in 1997. The safety margins for bridges in China are two metres or four metres, depending on their location. If the report is correct, the published safe height of the bridge should read 68.2 metres (allowing for a two-metre margin of error), not the 53 metres on charts used by shipping lines when planning their operations. The massive difference of 15 metres is critical because it would allow all mega vessels to use the Ma Wan Channel safely.