World's First Floating Farm Now has Cows

32 cows have taken up residence in the world’s first floating farm in Rotterdam, with spacious stalls and a “field,” a milk robot, a slurry robot to collect manure, an automatic belt feeder and a massage brush.

The cows produce around 800 litres of milk per day and is processed into dairy products, the manure will be re-used as an organic and rich nutrient for the city’s plants, gardens and parks. Floating solar panels provide for all the energy needs, rainwater is captured on the roof and then purified. Most of the cattle feed comes from the city.

The project team is led by Peter van Wingerden, Carel de Vries and Johan Bosman of Beladon. The dairy products are for sale at Floating Farm and in Lidl stores. Zegro is responsible for the wholesale operation. By shortening the transport of food production to consumers, the Floating Farm makes an important contribution to reducing food loss and transport-related pollution.

Plans for a floating chicken farm and a floating greenhouse where vegetables and herbs can be produced are being developed.