World's Largest Automated Terminal Begins Trials

On Sunday, the 550-acre, USD1.8 billion expansion of the Port of Shanghai's complex on Yangshan Island - Shanghai Yangshan Deep-Water Port's Phase IV container terminal - started its trial operations, adding seven berths and 4-6 million TEU of capacity.

Phase IV is the world's largest automated container terminal, with computer-controlled bridge cranes, AGVs and rail-mounted gantry cranes, and a Chinese-designed automated terminal management system.
Yangshan is the biggest deep-water port in the world. Phase I was finished in 2004, and the following year construction wrapped up on a 20-mile, six-lane bridge to connect the facility to the mainland. Phase III began operations in 2008, construction of the Phase IV started in 2014.

The port handles about 40% of Shanghai's exports, and to grow as a transshipment hub as well. As of 2016, it operates under a free trade zone status.